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Explainer Video? Whats and Whys

The web has totally evolved in the past decade or so. And although the importance of content has been growing since ever before, the way users like to consume content is also changing. We now probably have more content than ever biting dust on the web. It has pretty much boiled down to whether or not you can come up with fresh content ideas and think out of the box to engage visitors and stand out of the crowd and explainer videos have turned out to be one of the most effective ways of doing so.

What Exactly is an Explainer Video?

As the name suggests, an explainer video is simply a video that explains a product, topic, idea or a service in a couple of minutes. It serves as a very effective alternative option for visitors that are too lazy, troubled or busy to take the time to understand what you’re trying to say, but could very much be your potential clients interested in your products or services.
In other words, a well made explainer video will help attract more visitors, as well as turn more of those visitors into your actual customers. Having explainer videos on your site is key important as part of video marketing campaigns, a technique that can work wonders for your business. The right kind of video marketing can quickly transform boring, dull content into something engaging and fresh, while getting the message across just as well or perhaps even better.

Advantages of Explainer Videos

Here are some of the important benefits of having explainer videos on your site and using them for video marketing:


If the statistics are anything to go by, the average time a visitor spends on a website is about eight seconds. If you fail to catch their attention in these eight seconds, they are likely to hit the back button and look elsewhere.

In other words, the longer you manage to grab the attention of the visitors, the more time they will spend on your site.


Simply including a call to action in your explainer video may help you convert it into a part of your video marketing strategy. In many niches, users would likely be more attracted by video content than text content or even images.

You can also use an explainer video to explain your brand’s mission or values, which may, in turn, help build or improve your brand image.


This is one of the most important benefits an explainer video may offer to your business as it tends to come with a great ROI.

As mentioned above, if visitors start spending more time on your site, they would obviously be much more likely to convert into your customers. Again, going by the statistics here, a quality, engaging explainer video may drive up your conversion rate by 15 to 50 percent.


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