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So what does “Conversion Rate” mean anyways right? A conversion rate is nothing but the percentage of prospective potential clients who take the specific action that you want them to take.

For example: filling your company form or survey, clicking on your ad link, purchasing something from your online store, asking for a quote of a service you offer, etc.

You will have to boost your conversion rates if you want to start tasting the sweet taste of success with your online business and to increase profits.

Whether you have a good conversion rates at the moment or not, our SEO specialists at cynet web solutions would be able tosignificantly increase your marketing strategy resulting in higher targeted traffic rate leading it to the desired conversion rate.

5 Ways to Boost Conversion Rates

The following are some of the best ways to increase customer conversion rate in your business.

  1. Your website must be showing clear cut contact information to the customers who visit your website. The phone number, email address and also live chat options are some of the best ways to make a potential customer to trust your website/business.
  2. Including customer testimonials in your website creating the “im not the first one feeling, customer reviews, customer ratings for the products you sell and case studies on your business website will help in boosting the conversions.
  3. You should give guarantees to whatever products you are offering in order to win the trust of the customers. This will help in easily increasing the conversion rates once a decent amount of reviews has piled up. Also offering long time guarantees will help in even sometimes doubling up conversion rates.
  4. You also need to have certain trust seals from Better Business Bureau or from web security firms to impress the customers and this will help in more ease increasing the conversion rates of your business.
  5. The headline of your website is what the customer sees first. You should make the headline impressive and trustworthy so that the customers are completed to read more text on your website. This way you can boost your conversion rate.


Winning the trust of the customers visiting your website by giving them all you can give as far as the online security allows is defiantly a great way to push towards increasing your conversion rates with a steady retainer returning clientele.

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