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In this video above, which Johnny the ceo of cynet web solutions decided to use as an example in this article about Design and Creativity which Expresses the Coolness leading to the enhancement of the Online Presence to show how a business or an individual could make an impact on his target crowd / audience or clientele.

Today's world as we know is very much led by the external appearance of how we look and behave.
If we speak honestly we are very judgmental as first reaction to who or what we see.
Like the know proverb sais: You Dont Have a 2nd Chance to make a 1st Impression...

What is the secret of coolness?

And so, looking innovative, sharp, cool, futuristic or groovy is seizing and attractive the others who find the common though they have in mind of what is "coolness" expressed in your style.

Therefore looking up to date with the styling of your appearance is a must when go for reaching out this new generation of human life forms who grew up in a marketed advertised labeled and branded society we live in.

Of course it is nothing too surprising to those who are aware of this matter since in a way or another weather we like it or not we are forced to go by these so called "rules" or "code".


Modern Design and trendy looks are in our terminology the "bait" which is used to create the primary interaction with whom ever we are aiming for to catch of his or their attention.

Here are Cynet we have our finger on the pulse of trends and style in order to keep our clients always on the front line of sharpest look possible according to when they launched themselves into this endless online cyber space.


We always make sure we are in line with how its going to look on mobile when the statistics show a significant massive steady increase in mobility of internet usage

Design and Creativity Expressing Coolness Enhancing Online Presence

Least but not last, Johnny who is coming from the electronic music scene as his inspirational background before entering the webdesign world demanded of this company to keep this artistic freshness when we approach a task weather its designing a logo a website or building an online marketing strategy.


In the video above of a famous Berlin Based underground star electronic music artist called Jake The Raper we can defiantly see the uniqueness of his style along with his coolness. Also Johnny told us he knew him in person while living in berlin to play in shows meeting him at events discovering a surprisingly modest person which is kind of rare to be found in such scenes and perhaps is a hint for a key to success...

To summaries this idea we are trying to transmit as words are always so limiting since thoughts a so vast while words can be misleading and misunderstood as we all know.

The idea of catching the eye of your target audience, market, clientele and such and catching this first shot which could be the only shot you got there must be as we call it a "WOW" effect weather its a loud one or even a silent one...

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