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Choosing a domain name for your website can be a rough task in many situations. Finding your domain name which is exactly what you would like it to be could be taken by someone else before hand while you was set in mind with that specific domain name by which people will be able to identify your website. If you are looking to host a business website with our hosting services of our managed SSD Cloud Server, then it is ideal  that you use a domain name that has the name of the business that you do or the products that is involved in the business. But, how would be know what is an ideal domain name? The following are some of the characteristics that will help you in picking your dream domain name for your business.

Guide How to Pick A Domain Name

  • If you have a dream domain name in mind and if it is available for sale, then make sure that you grab it asap before others do. If the name is in demand, then you need to offer a better price to buy the domain name for your use than others.
  • If you are looking for running an online business site, then your ideal domain name has to be .com. If your business name with dot com is not available, then you can think of country’s specific domain names such as or and so on.
  • The domain name you opt for must be full of alphabet letters only, no hyphens or special characters besides the dash. It has to be short and easy to remember for your clients.
  • If available then of course you want to brand your business as much as possible by using your business name as the domain name.

Free Domain Name Tools

There are many free domain name tools available online that will let you know if your specific domain name is available or not through an easy search. These sites would also suggest you with a list of available domain names depending on your business style. They come up with domain names by adding words before or after the term that you search. There are sites like Godaddy and Namecheap that also use the alternative words of your search words to give you unique domain names.

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