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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is more familiarly connoted is not new to business and has been vogue since the launch of the first website on the internet. Nevertheless the strategy of SEO has witnessed a paradigm shift in recent years. This is not surprising, considering the fact that search engines alter their algorithms frequently thus what worked in the past could well be near obsolete today.

Search Engine Optimization – Defined

Contrary to popular belief, Search Engine Optimization is not a stand-alone technique. Conversely SEO is a conglomerate of techniques, tactics and strategies which can increase the ranking of the website on the page.

This enhanced on page ranking would help increase the traffic of visitors to the website thus increasing the probability of conversions.

The logic is simple and is essentially governed by surfing behaviour. To further elaborate the case in point, when one searches the internet for information or services, the probability is that one would not search through hundreds of pages

Thus logically higher the presence on the page, greater is the probability of getting visitors to the site.

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Contrary to popular belief search engine optimization is not a one-time investment. On the contrary SEO is an on-going process and periodic analysis and strategy adjustments are integral if the technique is to succeed.


The exponential growth in the number of websites that go ‘live’ daily, makes it imperative that one identifies and adopts the right strategy to stay ahead of the competition at all times. This is best achieved by adopting the right SEO technology and the benefits may well include one or more of these:

Drive organic traffic to the website

Organic traffic is best defined as visitors who are directed to the site using natural methods like writing relevant content, creating back links to the site and most importantly using the right keywords.

Increased visibility on the internet so that potential customers touch base

The preferred option is to use white hat technology so that the results are sustainable although they may be perceptibly slower when it comes to visibility and speed. The technology is similar to organic traffic generation considering that content is created for humans rather than the engines and is then uploaded in the right places so that appropriate link building and back link generation occurs.

Increase the on–site conversion rates

The on-site conversion rate will significantly influence the search engines to rate well and upgrade positions.


Thus if online web presence is to be attained and sustained, then consistency is the key. This is best achieved by ensuring that there is a stamp of ‘authority’ on your site. Although web architecture and infrastructure are important parameters, presence of relevant content visible on the internet in locations beyond your site is equally important if you have to climb the ranking ladder and most importantly validate site authority.


Although it would not be inappropriate to conclude that search engine optimization is one of the major contributors to ensuring increased traffic to the website. Contrary to popular belief this is one option which is best left to experts considering that your SEO specialist would be regularly updated. Conversely you could focus on the core job while you leave website positioning to experts.


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