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There is no doubt that an informative and good looking website will help in bringing a lot of visitors to your website. But, do you know how long they are staying on your website? If you do not have the key elements featured on your website, then you can be pretty sure that people visiting your website will be leaving it in a matter of minutes. The following are the website elements that you must not miss in your business site.

Your Details and Right Content

One of the most important things that you must have on your website is information about you and your business that you are promoting through your website. You should always include an ‘About us’ page in the website to create trust and credibility amongst your website visitors. You should develop your company story with details of its setup, history, achievements and also information about the business owner. You can think of including white papers, research reports, blogs as well as case studies on your website to show that you are an expert in your field. You should keep on updating the page with information so that your clients visit the site often.

Simple Site and Contact Info

It is important for you to create a website that is simple and easy to navigate for all kinds of internet users. Along with this, your website must also rely on developing and creating legitimacy to be in the good books of the visitors and to prompt them to come back for more. It is also highly important to include your physical address with phone numbers and email address details in your website so that visitors interested in your business can instantly get in touch with you. It is also better to include all your social media links on the contact information page for easy access.

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