Not On Mobile? Time To Be Present

Applications software or ‘apps’ as they are more commonly connoted are the new buzzword in mobile telephony. In simple terms mobile apps are best defined as software designed for mobile devices like mobiles or computer tablets. Thus regardless of whether you possess a cell phone, smart phone or even a tablet you would invariably require mobile apps for convenience and entertainment alike.

The question of weather you make a website or an e-commerce or weather it is going to be responsive and adapted to mobile screens and such is not relevant anymore. Weather its an iPad iPhone 4, 5 or 6 any type of Samsung or LG Phones as well as any kind of Android based tablet, when making any move on the net, world wide web or what ever you want to call it we first think MOBILE! This means that all of the above are rhetorical questions and today’s web development has become responsive by default

iPhone Display. From the paths of our experience at Cynet Web Solutions, most of our clients in whatever business or field they are active in, once they have notified their audience they have a new website, e-commerce or portal, we all know the first thing someone who is not on his desk will do is go directly on his mobile device to see what its about.


Mobile apps are seldom free to operate and are invariably controlled by owners of mobile operating systems who concurrently operate their own apps stores. The ‘Apple App Store’ and the ‘Blackberry App World’ are just some the more popular options available in contemporary times.

Although the apps are controlled, the model is competitive with an increasing number of mobile apps being available at no cost.


Conventionally considered as the perfect option for retrieval of information and enhancing productivity, the new age application is far more diverse. In recent years there has been a virtual explosion with an increasing number of apps being made available for a range of services. Thus it is scarcely surprising that in recent times smart phones have been often termed as ‘apps phones’ by technology pundits.



With the market going mobile, predictably the new age perception is that mobile technology is here to stay. Thus regardless of whether you are a customer or a business owner, you will need to have the right business mobile apps if you have to keep pace with the market.

It could well be concluded that regardless of whether you would like to enhance or reinforce your brand visibility or even simply keep connected to your customer; you would invariably need to use the right business app.


Statistics indicate that more than 91% of the market is with free mobile apps, thus predictably if you would like to have your customers download your app, it is critical that you offer it free. On the contrary there is one school of thought which is of the opinion that there are no free lunches.

Thus they are of the opinion that quality and value added mobile apps come at a price, and these could account for the balance 9 % apps that are being downloaded across the world at any point of time.

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Conventionally mobile websites were considered to be a great business interface for the business owners and the customer alike. Rapid advances in technology and the advent of mobile apps have created a perceptible shift in mindset and choices. This is more than evident from the fact that an increasing number of users are now opting for mobile apps. To further elaborate the case in point, mobile websites are slow to load while mobile apps are inherently present on your display screen. The former is an online feature while mobile apps are offline in functionality and helps you connect anytime and anywhere without the need for going online.


It could well be concluded that mobile apps are here to stay; considering the fact that the recent past was witness to a scramble for creating a desktop website. On the contrary the order of the day has now shifted perceptibly to mobile apps with an increasing number of business owners the world over now preferring to launch their mobile app ahead of their website and the concept is apparently here to stay.



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